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Hollywood OG Live Resin Sugar

Strain: Hollywood OG Live Resin Sugar

Producer: Lifted Extracts

Contributor: Payton Sedgwick



Sticky and breaks apart nicely 80%
Delivers a strong sour citrus 90%
Tastes pure and intoxicating 90%
Feel the immediate head high 100%

Hybrid- ND 
Terpenes Present: ND

Appearance 4.5/5
This live resin sugar of Hollywood OG is a muted tangerine orange, and sits in opaque gritty balls in the bottom of its jar. They move about the jar, if shook, since it is more of a solid than liquid, as some distillates can be like. The sugar still appears sticky and breaks apart nicely, so it is easy to scoop onto the tool, without worrying about whether or not it will fall off. It glistens just slightly in the light, which adds to the irresistibleness of this concentrate.

Aroma 4.5/5
This aroma of Hollywood OG is extremely pungent and undeniable.You’ll feel it in the entire front of your nose, all the way to the middle of your forehead, as it delivers a strong sour citrus, with complimenting notes of bright earthy diesel. You can sense some hints of a tropical floral aroma beneath the more pronounced tones, which is pleasant. And it makes it come across as a hybrid, rather than a straight-up Indica. It is just what users look for in a quality concentrate, and it was very tough to stop sniffing!

Taste 4.5/5
This sugar has a strong taste of fresh, earthy diesel that overpowers your entire palate. You don’t get any of the fruity notes like in the aroma, but it still tastes pure and intoxicating. While it does not have much depth in the tones, it is nonetheless extremely enjoyable. I found it tremendously satisfying, as I tasted a lot of OG Kush lineage in the exhalation of my hit. I hoped the taste lingered longer, but it faded out fairly quickly, not leaving behind any noticeable aftertaste.

Effect 5/5
Hollywood OG offers users a potent, balanced hybrid high that is best suited for experienced concentrate consumers. Once you inhale, individuals will sense the usual heaviness in the chest, but that disappears as soon as they exhale the smoke, leaving them ready to feel the immediate head high. The smile grows, and so do the uplifting energies, as you fall into a stoney haze. This sensation seeps down through your body and helps you settle in comfortably wherever you’re seated at that moment. Although this strain can be known for its sedative properties, the head high doesn’t follow that pattern, as it keeps your neurons firing, and your mind actively able to focus. 

Price- 1g for $25

Hollywood OG is a fast-acting, potent hybrid blend, whose Indica and Sativa properties are perfect for those who want to experience a euphoric high or need fast, immediate relief.

The benefits can assist with mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. It can also help with physical ailments, such as muscle spasms, headaches, menstrual cramps, joint or bone aches, and muscle soreness.

With such powerful effects, beginners should be wary if consuming this, as the Sativa head high could prove to be a bit much for some newbies.

Golden Juniper, and their easy-to-use website, lead me to come across a hidden gem, Lifted Extracts’ Hollywood OG Live Resin Sugar.

This Indica hybrid concentrate delivered overpowering smells of sour citrus and bright diesel, with a few floral notes, that intrigued the senses. The smoking experience was brilliant, and its earthy diesel taste will engulf users’ palates.

The effects are quite balanced, and will leave the user in a hazy, yet still mentally sharp state. The benefits can be both recreational and medicinal, as Hollywood OG is there to make you feel like a bright and shining star.

Address: (Delivery Only)
Phone number: (619)-333-3330
Hours:  8am-12am

Golden Juniper is a well-run delivery service that provides the majority of San Diego county with quality cannabis products. With a minimum fee of $50, they will deliver all the goodies you could desire to your front door, and they even accept card payments, if you don’t happen to have any cash on you.

They are very organized, and will send you a confirmation text with the grand total and estimated time frame of your delivery. In which, the driver will let you know when they are nearby. The entire process is incredibly carefree, as you are able to view the menu online, and shop through their website. Or, you could send them a text with your order, along with a picture of your ID. Their polite and punctual manner will make you a “repeat customer,” no doubt about it.

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