Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation: 7 Tips for a More Productive Winter


Source: cannabisbusinesstimes.com For outdoor cannabis cultivators, the harvest marks the end of an intensely busy growing season. But as operations wrap up, proactive growers use their downtime wisely to start preparing for next year.To make the most of each season…. Read the rest on cannabisbusinesstimes.com Cannabis, Cannabis Food, Cannabis for Business, Cannabis Health Benefits, Cannabis… Read More »

For medical marijuana Kansas a man faces decades in prison


Source: kctv5.com Larry Burgess has no criminal record. He’s a cancer survivor who suffers from seizure disorder. He tried prescription drugs. A cocktail of 23 pills a day didn’t cut it.“No seizure medication helped. In fact, my seizures got progressively…….. Read the rest on kctv5.com Cannabis, Cannabis Industry & Marijuana, Cannabis News, Cannabis Review, Cannabis… Read More »

New Hampshire: Home Cultivation Legislation Advances


Source: blog.norml.org Senate lawmakers have passed legislation, SB 420, permitting state-authorized patients to home cultivate cannabis for their own personal use.Under the proposed measure, patients registered with the state’s medical cannabis access…. Read the rest on blog.norml.org Cannabis, Cannabis Benefits, Cannabis Dispensary, Cannabis for Business, Cannabis Health Benefits, Cannabis Industry, Cannabis Industry & Marijuana, Cannabis… Read More »

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