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Biscotti x Gushers Flower

Strain: Biscotti x Gushers Flower - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Producer: Connected Cannabis Co.

Contributor: Payton Sedgwick



Very deep, royal purple hue 100%
This strain has many, many layers to the smell 80%
freshly cleaned pipe, I got the full flavor of sweet earth 60%
This is a smooth, relaxing, heavy hitting Indica hybrid strain 80%


Ad description 0%

Price- 1/8th for $79
Biscotti x Gushers is a lovely potent Indica dominant hybrid flower. It was produced and genetically engineered by Connected Cannabis Co. to be a type of “designer weed”. The parents have similar terpene compounds giving the strain the sweet citrus smell from Limonene, the earthy, peppery taste from Caryophyllene, and a slight musky smell from the smaller amounts of Myrcene it also contains. Two of these three terpenes have noticeable physical effects so we can tell this strain is going to be an uplifting mood enhancer because of the Limonene as well as relaxing due to the amounts of Myrcene.

Hybrid- 80%Indica 20%Sativa
Cultivated on: 10/07/2019
Packaged on: 11/19/2019
Total THC: 881.25mg
THC: 25.18%
CBD: 0.00%
THCa: 28.13%
Delta9-THC: 0.51%
Terpenes Present:
δ-Limonene: ND
β-Caryophyllene: ND
β-Myrcene: ND

Appearance 5/5
This flower has a very deep, royal purple hue with a few dark green leaves. It is completely frosted in trichomes, shining bright like diamonds in any lighting. It appears to be puffy, but in fact, it’s very dense and yields more from a smaller nug than you would expect. It’s not as heavy as it looks and there is not much fallout when you handle it, so you keep hold of all those gorgeous trichomes. There are a few long, rust-orange hairs sporadically throughout the bud, but aren’t super noticeable when looking at the nug from a far. This strain will make you want to put it on a trophy shelf as overall, it really does look like some of the dankest weed you could come across!

Aroma 4/5
This strain has many, many layers to the smell. When smelling the whole nug, you get a very strong, earthy aroma that shifts into smelling like a rubber tire is right under your nose. It finishes off with a nice, smooth, sweet note. It’s pretty surprising because the gas smell is almost “stinky”, but the end note of sweet from its parents genetics makes you want to come back for another sniff. After you grind this weed up, it releases a lot more of the rubber aroma detected earlier, smelling like an entirely new strain altogether. It made me more curious on how the bud was going to end up tasting!

Taste 3/5
After smoking this flower from a freshly cleaned pipe, I got the full flavor of sweet earth on my palate. It is woody for a moment with a hint of gasoline-like-musk, but ultimately gets swept over by a smooth, sweet flavor for a light and bright finish. Its not sugar sweet, but a fruitier sweet with a clean, refreshing end note.

Effect 4/5
This is a smooth, relaxing, heavy hitting Indica hybrid strain that’ll hit you hard in the head, the entire frontal lobe to be strangely exact. I immediately felt uplifted, elevated and experienced a high sense of euphoria. I felt as if my soul was full of a bright, happy light. On that note, I also realized the strong sense of appreciation I was getting for everything around me. It put me in my feels and made me very emotional, yet happy overall. I experienced heavy eyelids and my mouth was as dry as my DMs, so I needed water with me throughout the night to get me by.

This strain would be perfect for those who suffer from anxiety and need some positive vibes in your life! It really helped me a lot to get out of my midday funk and relax to be happy and calm for the rest of the evening. It would assist anyone looking for a little help in relaxing after a long day. It made me feel very uplifted and happy, so if you tend to worry or overthink this can help ease those troublesome thoughts and keep them at bay for a decent amount of time.

I really enjoyed this potent designer strain of Biscotti x Gushers by Connected Cannabis Co. This Indica dominant hybrid flower gave me a very euphoric, elevated and calming high that lasted hours. Even just one bowl was enough to satisfy me as a seasoned smoker with a higher than average tolerance. It helped ease my worries and made me happy and appreciative of being stoned to the bone. This is a perfect strain for those needing assistance unwinding at the end of the day or any beginner or seasoned toker. Anyone would thoroughly enjoy Biscotti x Gushers for its relaxing, happy and uplifting effects.

658 E San Ysidro Blvd,
San Diego, CA 92173
Phone Number: (619)-663-6337
Hours: 7am to 9pm

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