Eric Bloom

How Parents Who Use Cannabis Are Judged By Society

How Parents Who Use Cannabis Are Judged By Society

Contributor: Eric Bloom For decades, anybody who chose to utilize cannabis to help them live a better life, was shunned from society. And, while that negative stigma was felt by any enthusiast with a propensity for marijuana, nobody has been under more scrutiny than parents who smoke weed, and that trend continues on today. Often… Read More »

New To CBD? Here Are Some Great Vape Pens For Beginners

New-To-CBD_ Here-Are-Some-Great-Vape-Pens-For-Beginners

Contributor: Eric Bloom As far as trends go, cannabis is really having a moment, that’s for sure. With more and more states finally legalizing its sale and use within their borders, an increasing number of cannabis-related products are filling the shelves of dispensaries everywhere. But, even more than that, there’s a certain, non-psychoactive series of… Read More »

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