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Alien OG Flower

Strain: Alien OG Flower

Producer: Caliva

Contributor: Payton Sedgwick



Fairly dense, light green bud 76%
Citrus, like a freshly picked lemon 70%
Parched earth 50%
Blissful, stoney high 96%

Alien OG is an extremely potent mix of two equally powerful strains, Tahoe OG X Alien Kush. This strain has astronomical THC levels, reaching anywhere from 20% to some being tested closer to 28%! This is an Indica Dominant strain that will have you couch-locked for the night after just a couple hits; therefore, it is not a good strain to smoke if you have anything essential to accomplish. It also has out of this world, super-heavy Sativa effects that will creep up on you throughout your high. While the Limonene gives this flower an overpowering freshly picked lemon aroma, you’ll get no hint of it in the taste. The Caryophyllene gives this flower its very distinctive OG peppery spiciness that fills the air after being burned, and contains a slight hint of dry pine in the flower's scent the real cannabis connoisseurs can identify. The Myrcene gives it the dry, earthy flavor in the smoke upon exhalation. With this intense blend of hybrid effects, it is no surprise that Alien OG is so popular in the medicinal community for those with more severe conditions, and considered one of California’s best OG strains.

Packaged: 12/04/2019
Weight: 3.5gs (0.123oz)
THC: 31.61%
CBD: 0.0%
Terpenes Present:

Appearance 3.8/5
Alien OG has your typical, eye-catching appearance of an Indica dominant Hybrid flower. It has a fairly dense, light green bud structure that is broken up by a few large, dark green sugar leaves. This particular batch did seem to have more than your average amount of large sugar leaves left over, which is normally handled in the trimming phase. The bud was entirely frosted in a thick layer of white trichomes that will bring any experienced stoner to recognize this as an OG strain. Underneath the snowy layer, red-orange pistils bunch up around the fluffy green leaves.

Aroma 3.5/5
The first recognizable scent is citrus, like a freshly picked lemon, and it hits you in the middle of the nose when appreciating this flower. Those with a skilled nose can catch the slight traces of dry pine in the background, and can sense it towards the back of their nostrils. This flower does have a very particular smell that reminds one of fresh moss in a forest after a rainy day. Once you burn this flower, familiar smells of its OG lineage stand out as that peppery spiciness disperses through the air around you.

Taste 2.5/5
The only thing I was not thoroughly impressed with was the taste while smoking this flower. With the citrus aroma so forefront, I expected to taste that. Yet, what I experienced could be best described as parched earth. It tasted like I had quite literally gotten some dry dirt in my mouth; it was such an odd, and unpleasant sensation given the pleasing aroma.

Effect 4.8/5
One thing I must say immediately is this is not a strain for beginners! With the THC levels reaching a whopping 31% on this specific batch, this strain is a heavy hitter, to say the least. Even as a regular smoker, one taste and I was abruptly abducted, and at the will of this strain’s strong Indica effects, and even stronger Sativa-like daze. This flower starts acting quickly and creates a blissful, stoney high. It felt as if I was couch-locked in space, as my body became extremely heavy, and my motor functions delayed noticeably. After a moment in this stoned state, your mind blasts off to another galaxy; all your senses heighten and little movements around you can be very apparent and occasionally alarming. This will help zap away all concerns, and drift you off into a relaxed state of mind. It is not an optimal strain if you have something important to accomplish.

Price- 1/8th for $39.53



Given this strains astronomical THC levels, it is pretty clear why Alien OG is so popular among medicinal cannabis users. Its heavy sedative and pain-relieving effects are just the thing for those who suffer from chronic pain. This strain has also found to be helpful to those with glaucoma, migraines, headaches, Arthritis, and even nerve damage. Those with depression and anxiety have also profited immensely from this strain, due to its uplifting and soothing qualities. However, this strain does heighten one’s senses, so those who suffer from any level of paranoia, beware, you could find yourself a bit jumpy during your experience.
After looking over all qualities of Alien OG by Caliva, it is safe to say this is an exceptionally powerful Indica dominant hybrid that’ll have even the most experienced stoner lit after one hit. Just by taking a look at this beauty, one can already get a sense of how potent it is with the dense covering of ripe trichomes and very pungent citrus and pine aroma. Once you taste this out of this world strain, you’ll know immediately why they call it Alien OG. Your body drops into an Indica slump, and when you least expect it, your brain blasts off to experience some vivid Sativa special effects. You won’t be doing anything relevant after smoking this strain, but you will definitely find yourself in a calmed and happy atmosphere. This strain is an excellent choice if you have a more severe chronic condition, or merely need to get away from reality for a while.

Address: 2405 E Harbor Drive
San Diego, California US 92113
Phone Number: (619)-841-2045
Hours: 7am – 9pm

Harbor Collective is one of San Diego’s many dispensaries that has a storefront and delivery service available for its patients. This makes it convenient for anyone who has a busy schedule, but is looking for some accessible medicinal relief. After going onto their easy-to-maneuver website and picking out which products you’d like, you submit your order, and wait while they confirm and package your goods.

Within an hour, you receive a courtesy call from one of the store clerks letting you know the estimated delivery time, and the next call you’ll be receiving will be from the driver. They give an overestimate on how long the delivery might take as the driver was there in half the anticipated time! The drivers are polite and very knowledgeable on products and company news, as well. So, feel free to ask them any questions if you have them. It was a very helpful and efficient dispensary experience.

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